Are you looking for a reliable garage door repair company in London?

Chalfont Garage Doors have been serving London and the Home Counties for almost 60 years! In fact since 1961.

You cannot survive and prosper as a business for that length of time if you are not completely reliable, trustworthy and professional. We have built our reputation by supplying and fitting the very best quality garage doors in London, which are durable, stylish yet affordable.

We can repair any type of garage door, including fixing all the most common faults that occur –

1.    Heaviness or stiffness in the garage door opening mechanism.

This is often caused by a problem with the garage door tracks. Accumulated dirt and grunge might be hindering the rollers in the track or the track itself might be damaged or bent somewhere.

2.    Faulty Automatic, Electric garage door controls

This might simply be expiring or dead batteries. If the door is acting erratically, it is usually the batteries are dying (but not completely dead yet) If there is no response at all then the first thing to do is replace your batteries! If the batteries are defintely not the cause, you should seek expert assistance from your garage door supplier (or us!) as the problem will be mechanical of some sort.

3.    Doors are getting stuck part-way

Again, this may simply be accumulated dirt and grunge obstructing the track or jamming the rollers. Make sure no objects or clutter in your garage is getting in the way or resting against the tracks. If you cant find anything then a mechanical issue most likely needs repairing.

4.    Doors won’t stay open

If your garage door will only partially open or gets so far then slips or droops the most likely cause will be broken or faulty torsion or extension spring mechanism. You will not be able to fix this problem yourself and you should call us out to correctly remedy the fault.

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We’ll have your garage door working normally again and at its optimal capacity and functionality in no time!
We’ll have your garage door working normally again and at its optimal capacity and functionality in no time!
Reliable Garage Door Company in London
Reliable Garage Door Company in London